Abrantes, the town of flowers | Pego, the village of small villas

In the town of Abrantes and the village of Pego there is a wealth of cultural and gastronomic attractions. If you are interested in culture, no visit to Abrantes is complete without a walk through its historic centre, passing through the Jardim da República, Largo João de Deus and the churches of São João and São Vicente and ending at the Castle of Abrantes.

The view over the Ribatejo plains is simply breathtaking. The town also has a network of museums as well as collections that can be visited in the historic centre of Abrantes and in the village of Tramagal.

In the summer, a visit to the river beaches of Aldeia do Mato and Penedo Furado are a must.

Pego is the largest village in the municipality of Abrantes and its villas are known for their facades in low reliefs, exterior stone benches and decorative chimneys.

In Jardim do Cruzeiro you will also find the donkey trough, where the animals used to drink water.

The region also includes two notable towns, Sardoal and Constância, where you can visit Almourol Castle, and the town of Tomar, where you can visit the iconic Convent of Christ.

The gastronomic offer in the region is varied and includes river fish, the renowned shad served with bread panada, lamprey rice and fried breadcrumbs with spare ribs as well as Pego village’s typical dish: stomach and tripe.