Our History

A dream come true

The Vale de Ferreiros estate, with its farmstead and olive oil presses, has been in the family for more than a century.

In 2011, one of Victor Henriques Pereira’s great-grandsons bought the whole property, and made his dream become reality: to restore the villas, resow the fields, clear the undergrowth and preserve the habitats.

Building and restoring the villas, creating access roads and forming the surrounding area has been an ongoing challenge. But we have never lost sight of the site’s environmental sustainability or the privacy and tranquillity of our guests.

In 2012, two new plots adjoining the existing ones were acquired beside the Tagus River. The plots’ villas were restored, and three arenas and one stable were built.

Our passion for horses began many years before, when Filipa, Marta and Pedro, Victor’s children, started riding at a very young age and just a short time later began competing in showjumping.

Finally, a good part of the dream had become reality! It is a holiday accommodation area with plenty of tranquillity, comfort and privacy between the village and the Tagus River. There are also trails of great natural beauty and an equestrian centre beside the river that provides ideal conditions for training in various equestrian disciplines.

We have working hard in recent years to ensure that Portugal’s countryside is recognised for its unique character. We have a number of projects planned and others in the pipeline, but our motto is and always will be:

Dreams give life meaning, and more.